About Us

At Benditaa, we wish to leave a thoughtful message with our clothing. Our founder, Richa Thakker Desai, being a mother herself, believes that what a child sees multiple times, has an impact on the child’s mind. We have inspirational & thoughtful messages on our clothing for children, we believe and hope that this will help children develop positive thoughts every time they wear a Benditaa outfit. 

 At Benditaa, we wish to change some of the old stories for the benefit of our children. For every shirt that tells our girls to be a princess of a particular story & the said story goes on to tell them that they wait for a prince charming to rescue them, we motivate them to be self-reliant with our design to “Be your own hero” and “Achieve Anything # girlpower”.

We promote sisterhood & friendship with our design “Real Queens fix each other’s Crowns.”

For every “Im too pretty to do math” “Im too pretty to work” shirt that tells our girls to focus on beauty over brains, we have “Smart Girl Squad”.  For every “Up to No good”  or “Troublemaker” shirt that portrays our sons as rowdy and insensitive, we design a “Its cool to be kind”.  

We celebrate courage and smartness in our girls because their worth is based on so much more than just their cutenessWe celebrate kindness in our boys because they’re more than just troublemakers. 

We encourage our children to dream big with our designs “It all starts with a dream.” & “Believe in your dreams.”. We motivate our children to achieve their dreams and feel confident with our designs “You Got This”, “Ride the wave” & “Fearless.”

We believe that sports play a vital role in developing a child’s overall personality and growth. We promote sports & outdoor play with our designs  “Lets go play”, “Practice Perfect today play like a champion tomorrow” , “When your legs get tired, run with your heart” , “What is life without goals” & so on. 

 At Benditaa , we believe passionately that both girls & boys deserve to see, hear, and wear better messages. We put that belief into practice by designing positive alternatives to the usual mainstream options. 

Benditaa’s colors, prints & messages will awaken our children to the magic that is TODAY!

We hope that you have a wonderful experience shopping with Benditaa.



About the Founder

Richa Thakker Desai is the Founder of BENDITAA. She completed her Law from Government Law College, Mumbai. She worked as a Principal Associate at a reputed law firm in Mumbai, Wadia Ghandy & Co. She has broad range of experience in the fields of general corporate law, mergers & acquisitions and insurance.

Life changed after becoming a mom. To her surprise, in her own words, motherhood made her stronger. “As a mother your time management skills and focus are at their best since you are juggling a lot of different things. You value time more than ever. Mothers can make excellent managers, since they develop the ability to multi task 24/7 ”

She believes that what a child sees multiple times has an impact on the child’s mind. The thought process of providing inspirational & thoughtful messages on clothing for children to help children develop positive thoughts each time they wear the same, lead to the creation of BENDITAA.


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